Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Sweet Giordan, Please Remember Has Gone Temporarily Out of Print #NewDirections #MMRomance

If you're looking to buy my book Sweet Giordan, Please Remember...unfortunately you'll have to wait. (I'm sorry!) It is *temporarily* out of print. (What? What?! WHAT???) But do not worry! The sweet amnesiac is returning SOON with a fresh, shiny edit and an expanded story line!

The Hearts in Reverie series was actually the first set of gay romances I ever created... WAY back in 2004! And Sweet Giordan was the first novel I ever had contracted for publication. Dreamspinner Press did a great job with it and I'm eternally grateful to them for all they did for launching my writing career.

This is NOT about anything DSP did wrong...

But the world of Hearts in Reverie is SO much more than just the beautiful Giordan and his lover, Shane Devereaux. In addition to the gay romances, there are lesbian rom, transgender rom, and het rom... The story is about hearts and love and spans many colors in the LGBTQ rainbow. These characters have been building inside of me for over a decade and as I tried to write the continuation of the series, I found I was self-censoring and changing things around to fit the M/M romance market, unfairly silencing these colorful charas I had created.

And as time went on, I finally reached a point where I couldn't drown out their voices any longer. I want desperately to write and publish the ENTIRE world, including the romances that don't fit what DSP is looking for.

So I gathered all my courage and I approached Dreamspinner openly with my plans for Hearts in Reverie and a request for rights reversion. They were gracious enough to let me have my rights back.

Hence Gio's temporary break!

So what's next???

First off--I revisit the world of Sweet Giordan. I have ideas about the expansion of Gio's story. What that ultimately will look like, I never know until my fingers are on the keyboard, but perhaps Shane's PoV?

This will NOT be a re-write. None of the events in Sweet Giordan, Please Remember will change. There will just be...more! 

From there, I'll take off, dancing through the town of Reverie and visiting its many wonderful residents (and peeking into their sweet romances!)

Thank you for loving Gio the way I love Gio!
Raine O'Tierney

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