Friday, September 27, 2013

Holy Wow-za, I have an estimated release date!

So... Sweet Giordan, Please Remember has an estimated release date of Mar-Apr 2014! A springtime release for a sweet, fresh story. I'm VERY pleased! (Though honestly, I would have been pleased with ANY release date. 2084? Yeah, I can work with that.)

I will say this... I've discovered that I actually ALWAYS had an estimated release date. Yes, going all the way back to the very first day I received the contract. It was actually IN the contract. Now you might be thinking, "Raine? Did you even read the contract?" Yes! I did! I uber-read it, if that's even possible. Out loud. Page by page. Stopping to re-read what I didn't understand.

But when I got to the last page, the release was down in the contact information and my eyes went... sliiiiiiiiide. It wasn't until a fellow Dreamspinner author pointed it out to me that I said, "Oh! There it is!" I'm a nerd.

Should I be so lucky as to be multi-published, I will not miss future release dates. I promise. :)

Friday, September 20, 2013


Welcome to my brand new website! If you found this by accident... that is awesome! What a strange internet journey you must have gone on to get here. I'd ask you about it, but you're probably tired. Take a load off! If you clicked here from my Facebook page, you rock! <3


My goal is to fill this blog with passion, sweetness, love, and encouragement. And thoughts about writing, of course. Plus release dates. Can't forget the release dates.

As I have yet to receive my official release date, let me instead distract you with a cute picture of my doxie, Iron Klaus. (You'll recognize the name if you're a fan of From Eroica With Love) He's doing what he does best... Distracting me while I'm trying to type.

Many, many, many hours have been lost to this cute face.

- Raine O'Tierney