Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweet AND Spicy

I've been asked a lot lately, "How *spicy* are your stories?" And I get my confused face on because I'm not QUITE sure how to answer. Truth is, it depends from story to story.

For example: The novel I just submitted for consideration - all sweet, nothing graphic at all. The short I'm writing? Mom, I love you, but please don't read that story. Seriously. Don't. And then Sweet Giordan, Please Remember the novella Dreamspinner Press is publishing this Spring is somewhere between. Sensual scenes, not TOO descriptive.

For a while I really struggled with the expectations of others. Is she SWEET or is she SPICY? Because I write it ALL under the same name. There's almost a 50/50 split between the people in my life who want the Buffalo Wild Wings** (mmm... wings...) Blazin' level spicy and those who want strictly Cozy-Rom. Honestly, it all depends on my mood!

Last night as I was lamenting not being one or the other, my wise friend, Bacon-Editor, put it ALL in perspective.

"Raine, listen." she said, "Do you know Dickinson's? They makes lemon curd and jellies and snooty relishes and it's imported from England*. They are the best. So if they say something, then it's true. And Dickinson's says you can be sweet AND hot."

And then she plopped this jar down in front of me:

I'm Raine O'Tierney; my stories are ALWAYS the Sweetness, sometimes spicy too.

*We just learned Dickinson's was bought out by Smuckers, so it's no longer imported. This doesn't change the point though. :)
**I hella want some buffalo wings now.