Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Kind of Dachshunds Are the Best Kind of Dachshunds?

Husband and I just got *THE BEST PRESENT EVER* from my most amazingly AMAZING friend JC Wallace who knows I have a ...slight... obsession with dachshunds! <3

Dachshunds have always = Christmas for me. When I was growing up, both sides of the family had dachshunds and when we would all get together, they would roam in a pack. Some years there were dachshund puppies. I saw my first ever long-hair at Christmas and then my first ever dapple. For me, Christmas IS dachshunds. I don't remember if I told JC that particular story or not, but given that he's the coolest dood in the world, he probably just knew.

Thank you so much for making this a DACHSHUND-RIFIC xmas, JC Wallace!

Ps. My totally chill and laid back and unexcitable husband has been snuggling the game for the last fifteen minutes.

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