Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Year My Character Gave Me Socks!


I got some truly AMAZING gifts this Christmas: an apothecary set from my husband, a rejection journal from McFannywiggle (to let me know I'm in good company when I get that dreaded rejection!), and the dachshund-rific Dachshund-opoly from JC! And also... *drum roll* the sushi socks...

Holy...moly...WOWZA! Green! Sushi! Socks! <3 This, of course, was for my library's first annual "Sock"ret Santa gift exchange where we drew names all exchanged socks. Except, my Green! Sushi! Socks! were from someone very special. Chloe Devereaux.


O'Tierney, who is this Chloe Devereaux? Well, hopefully you won't be asking me that after March 2014! Chloe is the mother of one of my MCs in Sweet Giordan, Please Remember which DSP is putting out this Spring.

And a VERY sweet "Sock"ret Santa cared enough to make sure my sassy southern chara sent me sushi socks. Green ones.

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