Monday, December 9, 2013

Under the Table and Into His Heart!

I've contracted a new work with Dreamspinner Press called Under the Table and Into His Heart. This short story will be released for their Valentine Rainbow Event, but it is not part of a compilation--it's a stand alone work! (Woo hoo!) Each of the titles in the event will have a different color of the rainbow for its cover... I jumped immediately on green. Don't think green has anything to do with Valentine's Day? At Under the Table host club, it's all about the green!

Here's my official blurb from DSP:

At the Under the Table host club, Valentine’s Day means one thing: cash. Neglected housewives, newly ex-girlfriends, and lovelorn thirtysomethings pay for the attention of handsome men. Shy bartender Jem has always wanted to be a host, and when the club’s owner, Miss Rye, accepts a contract from a MensLove Convention, Jem volunteers to flirt and make out with another host for the ladies’ entertainment. Bailey, an older man who’s had his eye on Jem, convinces Miss Rye to let him be Jem’s partner, and everyone gets more than they expected—especially Jem and Bailey.

I'm super pumped about this little 10K work because... it kicks off a BRAND NEW SERIES I'm writing called Dirty Business that follows the men of the Under the Table Host Club and their wickedly profit-minded proprietor.

Hope you will enjoy!

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