Sunday, May 18, 2014

Something Beautiful for Sweet Giordan! #mmromance #fanart

I'm a sucker for art--ask anyone who's known me for more than three seconds and they'll tell you, "That Raine O'Tierney, she sure does love art." I love when people give me art they've done. I double love when they draw for me. And the ultimate, cherry-on-top pleasure of mine? Story art and fan art.

I was insanely blessed recently to receive my first ever piece of Sweet Giordan, Please Remember art this week. Ms. Kari Higa, knowing how important the peach orchard is in the story, drew the peach trees in full bloom. She even incorporated Christine Griffin's original sketch of Shane Devereaux.

This picture makes me so insanely happy. I'm sure Kari knows this, as I've only told her three hundred million times. But I want the world to know: insanely. happy.

Which leads me to a thought...

If you ever have the urge to put pencil or pen to paper and draw with a Raine O'Tierney story as your inspiration, I will be a level of grateful the likes you've never seen. ^_~ You might even be like, "Whoa, Raine. Chill. I get it. You're happy." And also, I'll showcase your work on my site! :)

Something to consider, artists. *Hint, hint!*

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