Friday, February 28, 2014

Seeking LGBT Authors For Interviews! PLUS! A Brand New Website!

If you've been following my blog lately you've probably noticed the lovely parade of LGBT authors IN HATS answering really zany questions...! This is The Hat Party: my promo opportunity for authors who aren't afraid of having their picture taken in a hat or facing down a Raine O'Tierney interview.
The feedback I've received has been OVERWHELMINGLY AWESOME! So awesome, in fact, that I decided to create a whole new site that will be an off-shoot of Home of the Sweetness. This works for a multitude of reasons:
  • It gives interviewees a chance to be themselves and share excerpts that might be 18+ while keeping my main site PG
  • It allows me to offer more availability for guest authors, since my own news days aren't competing with interview days
  • I got to make a new logo! (Obviously, the most important part...)

 All author interviews have been preserved (along with comments!) and moved over to the new site.
I'm VERY interested in scheduling ANYONE who wants a spot: from the newest newbie with one short story to the most seasoned "old hat" with 52 titles under their belt. Check out the site for more details and instructions on setting up an interview!

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