Monday, February 5, 2018

Four Year Publiversary & Sound of Silence is Out Now!

Yesterday was my FOUR YEAR Publiversary. 

I can't believe it.

I've been doing this for four years. It seems like it's only been a month and at the same time, it feels like a lifetime.

Sound of Silence, which I wrote with Mia Kerick, is out right now, too -- and it seems to be doing really well! I'm honored and humbled by this fact.

Of course, when you create something, you HOPE that people will like it. And when you create with a co-author, you double hope. You hope you've held up your end, that people will enjoy both parts, that readers will take something good from your words. Writing Renzy to Mia's Seven was an absolute delight.

Thank you for reading it. Thank you for enjoying it!

Humbled, guys.



Thank you for making this possible--over the last four years, I've been able to experience something I only dreamed about as a child. Publication.

It's had its ups and its downs and everything in between. But the experience has been worth it!

Now, without further ado, Sound of Silence.

High school senior Renzy Callen hasn’t uttered a word in years. He likes being invisible to all around him; it keeps life safe and predictable. In his attic bedroom, he experiences a world far from the drama of his family. He doodles, listens to music, and contemplates the troubled souls he observes when attending self-help meetings designed for people with problems he doesn’t have. Renzy lives his life like a spectator, always on the outside of life’s games, looking in at others.
Everything changes when Seven and Morning Moreau-Maddox relocate from their glitzy lives in Paris to boring, picturesque Redcliff Hills, Missouri. Tall, platinum blond, and as put-together as a pair of European high-fashion models, the sophisticated siblings befriend Renzy, drawing him in and then pushing him away. What starts as nothing more than a means to an end for Seven, however, quickly becomes something more. Could icy-hearted Seven be thawing for the silent, quirky charm of Renzy Callen?

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