Friday, May 12, 2017

Coming Soon: Sound of Silence

My goodness it's been a while!

This update will be brief-- but I wanted to let you know that I'm still here and kickin'! (Some days kickin' more than others.)

So what's up in the world of O'Tierney?

I'm currently entering the editing phase of a YA novel called Sound of Silence, written with the very talented Ms. Mia Kerick. This title is slated for release in 2018 from Harmony Ink Press!

Renzy Callen exists on the periphery of life, and not just because of the horrific childhood event that robbed him of the ability to speak. Walling himself off from the rest of the world as a means of protection, he occupies his time with art and music and an obsession with self-help groups—whether he needs them or not. His isolation protects him and he’s immune to drama and emotional games… or so he believes. Everything changes when he meets Seven and Morning Moreaux-Maddox, the wealthy, jet-setting siblings who move from a life of sophistication in Europe to humdrum Redcliff Hills, Missouri.
Both Seven and his sister are impossibly beautiful and elegant, like the stars in magazines or high-fashion models on the runway. When Renzy is pulled into their push-and-pull of affection and rejection, he realizes there is more to both haunted Morning and cold, diamond-sharp Seven than meets the eye.
 The three teens embark on a quest to learn the reason behind Renzy’s selective mutism, and something more than friendship blossoms between Renzy and Seven. It’s during this trip of a lifetime that the three realize the truth they seek might be found in the sound of silence.
This was my first time collaborating on a YA novel and Mia was a blast to work with! I can't wait for you guys to see our finished product.

(Meanwhile, I'm EAGERLY awaiting the cover!)

Thank you so much, wonderful readers, for supporting me always.

With Kindness,

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