Is Raine O'Tierney your real name?
Nope! My boss helped me come up with my writing surname. Thanks, AJF!

Are you a full-time writer?
I write every chance I get - before work, after work, and for hours and hours on the weekends. But is it my "keep a roof over my head" job? Not quite! I'm a library lady by trade and even if I could write full-time, I don't know that I could ever give up libraryland.

What is it like, being a library lady?
Well... I once drew a multi-colored slug on a bulletin board in dry-erase marker for the children's section. So, I can honestly say that being a library lady is AWESOME.

How long have you been doing this writing thing?
Writing in general - since 1993, writing spicy male'male romance? Since 2004

What in the heck is "the Sweetness"?
Something my hubs and I came up with. Basically it's the idea that spicy stories can also be sweet. I like first-times, I like fidelity, I like forever-type endings. I don't know why the Sweetness is all "F"s. :) I include these themes in all my stories.

What is your genre of choice?
Whatever I'm on about at the moment! I've plotted books in just about every genre. Now writing them is another matter altogether.

How spicy are your stories?
You know that chart of sauces at the Buffalo Wild Wings? (I love wings, btdubs) I run that whole list of hotness, from "simply sweet" to "I sure hope my Mom never reads this!"

What's up with the mustache and the hats?
The mustache is super dapper and the hats are just amazing. Wait, what's the question?

I hear you do really strange and random interviews with authors. Like about zombies and dachshunds and stuff? Um...can I get in on this?
ABSOLUTELY! I'm always looking for new m/m authors to send weird questions to--so whether you have a new release, or you just want to pimp your backlog, please consider coming to The Hat Party and doing an interview with me!

So... what type of dachshund is the best type of dachshund?
The one you're snuggling! Mine are a long-haired black and tan and a mini chocolate and tan.

Anything else you want to know?
Email me at Raineotierney [at] gmail.com