Raine O'Tierney is the always-writing, overly-enthusiastic, big-hearted library lady. Writer of first-loves, first-times, fidelity, and forever-endings ♥ Warning: many a SQUEE(!) awaits you here!

I'm a boundlessly enthusiastic and passionate exclamation point addict! (!!!) I'm infamous for declaring every day "The best day EVER!" and every thing my "all time FAVORITE!" Despite this (obnoxious?) exuberance, I still somehow manage to have a wonderfully encouraging husband and an amazing group of friends and colleagues who continue to support (read: put up with) me. I spend my days working at the HQ of my library system, fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom.

I tumbled headlong into the world of male/male romance way on back in '04 after picking up a copy of Sanami Matoh's yaoi manga FAKE. After that it was all boys, all the time, and writing hasn't been the same since! Despite frequent genre changes, I always focus on imbuing stories with what my husband and I call "The Sweetness" of which there are Five Fs: first loves, first times, fidelity, forever-type endings, and... friskiness?

After 20+ years of writing and dreaming, 9 years of writing m/m, 1 year of being a lion-heart, and a goodly amount of active publication solicitation, I'm proud to say that my first novella Sweet Giordan, Please Remember was contracted by Dreamspinner Press and released Spring 2014!

Since that time I've learned a lot about publishing gay rom (with SO much more to learn) and have gone on to publish 13 books with Dreamspinner Press, Beaten Track Publishing, and the M/M Romance group.